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usswift2aWe adore France! For years we took holidays all around France, we love the way of life, the community spirit, the people, the food, wine and the weather.

Of course that last point is the most important reason for moving the flying school to France. We had 4 great years at Crosland moor, but this time was frustrating both for Dave and the students. They used to sit and wait on occasions either at home weather watching or at the airfield with anxious faces looking up to the sky. Years ago it took Dave 2 years to get from first deciding to learn to fly through to passing his GFT. He knows how it feels! So we thought that we would try and offer a way of learning to fly flex or fixed wing that took that frustration away, a way that would give a more relaxed learning environment. Offering good flying conditions for more than 300 days of the year! Over the years Dave has qualified as an Examiner, check pilot and Inspector so his wealth of experience is a great advantage to anyone wanting to learn to fly!

We aim to support a new or experienced student in a homely environment on a live and fly basis, we offer full board / accomodation on the farm and we have a 650m x 40m runway in the back garden! We will give full ground school (as required) including ground school exams through to the GST, yes you could even head back to the UK with your Licence papers! We teach from the full UK NPPL syllabus. We also offer conversion training from flex to fixed or visa-versa.

If you are not looking for training and would just like to fly in France, there are several different ways to do this. You can stay with us for a one stop B & B, or come and enjoy the area, we offer all inclusive accommodation, the choice is yours!

The farm is centrally located not only in France but also between 2 budget airlines Limoges and Poitiers, direct flights flying from,Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, East Midlands,Stanstead, Southampton, Bristol & Shannon. ( ( It only takes 55 minutes from either airport to the farm. We offer a collection and drop off service if required. If you choose to drive it takes approximately 7 hours from Calais and 5 hours from St Malo. (Please see ‘location’ for full map and details etc)

We look forward to greeting, teaching or flying with you soon, please call for any further information or email your address for our info leaflet.

Many thanks Amanda & Dave   


Yesterday we said goodbye to our last student here at Wanafly France! :-( 

We look forward to our new adventures back in the UK later in the year :-D