quik in flightWanafly Airsports offer you or your gift recipient the chance to take to the skies with an experienced pilot for this flight of a lifetime. This is the perfect opportunity to feel the exhilarating, freedom offered by these superbly maneuverable machines. Fly a flex or fixed wing microlight, these amazing machines are a sensational way to fly, they also offer a stable, safe and recognised form of travel. An amazing chance to soar like a bird and view the world from a different angle! The choices include:  



The Gift Experience   The Pilot Taster Day
 A 30 or 60 minute flight experience. With safety briefing and a chance to take the controls if you would like  The perfect gift for someone who is interested in taking there flying more seriously and possibly aiming to achieve a private pilot’s license. 2 hours of flight lessons including briefing & debriefing, log book, 1 year BMAA membership and subscription to the 'Microlight flyer magazine'. What a gift for any want to be pilot!
 £80/£130  £350


How can I book or purchase a gift card? Easy just call and speak to us at Wanafly Airsports, we will help you make your choice, give you any advice required or answer any questions. If you are purchasing the flight experience as a gift, we can send a special card so that your loved one will open a card on the special day, all they need do then is to call and book a time and date. On the morning of the flight we ask for you to call so that a weather check can be made. The gift cards are usable for 12 months so plenty of time to make your choice! 

Restrictions The sport of microlighting is weather dependant and although we can fly in rain, and reasonably windy conditions, we really want you to enjoy your experience so we may ask you to wait for calmer conditions, hence the weather check call on your flight day. You need to be in good health and a weight restriction of 110kg exists for regulation and safety reasons. No age restrictions apply.  

The choice of machine type This is totally up to you! We have an open cockpit flex wing microlight called a Quik, this form of flying is classed as raw root flying. You wear a helmet and flying suit provided by us, and you sit in tandem behind the pilot. Then we have the closed cockpit fixed wing microlight called the Skyranger, this is just like a small 2 seater plane, with stick and rudder controls. Both can travel up to 100 miles per hour and we normally fly at 2000ft – 3000ft. Just sit back and enjoy! 

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