tuitionA National Private Pilot Licence(NPPL) Microlight licence is required to fly microlights, and can be gained by training with a qualified flying instructor in accordance with a CAA (civil aviation authority) syllabus of training. The minimum requirements are, 25 hours total flying time to include, 10 hours solo consolidation including two qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles.

A restricted licence is available with reduced requirements, 15 hours total flying time to include, 7 hours solo flying. This will limit you to flying in the local area.

In either case you will need to pass a General skills Test (GST) and an oral exam, which is similar to the driving test. In addition to this you will need to pass 5 multiple choice exams in the following subjects;

  • Principles of flight
  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human factors

This may all sound like hard work but in practice it is fascinating and fun. A microlight licence is simpler than a conventional aircraft licence and can be gained in approximatley 2/3rds the flying time and 1/2 the cost. Don’t be concerned about the exams, although thorough, we do help and they are easily learnt.